BREAKING: English Summer Transfer Window Won’t Be The Same From Next Season

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In what has been a remarkable development, Premier League clubs have voted to close the summer transfer window before the first game of next season. As per the new decision, the 2018 summer window will shut down on the Thursday before the first match of next season, on August 9.

Moreover, this new rule only applies to buying players, and the sides will be free to loan, offload, and sell talents elsewhere in Europe, where transfer windows run into the months of August and early September.

There is no official word as to what might have spurned this decision on, but it is easy to speculate that the managers of particularly the top flight clubs aren’t happy with having to juggle the business end of the task as well as deal with the two or three matches in which their teams will have to feature in prior to the end of August.

Liverpool manager Juergen Klopp looks on as Liverpool's Philippe Coutinho is substituted off.

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Furthermore, with the likes of Philippe Coutinho, Diego Costa, and Jonny Evans yet to feature for their sides owing to their respective transfer drama, it is also apparent that this might be the cause.

It is important to note that this change only affects the Premier League, and only the summer window, with the winter transfer window set to function as usual.



The decision will be welcomed happily by managers like Arsène Wenger, who has been suggesting such a change for many years. With the window running even after the games have commenced, supporters often hold onto the hope that their side will land some marquee player or the other before deadline day.

With rumors and speculation running rampant, the change will certainly ease some of the tension that the English sides face around deadline day, giving them an opportunity to best train with their squads. However, this might end the spell of big money signings being made at the end of the windows, which the League has been notorious for, owing to the large injection of money.

It remains to be seen how exactly it will aid the dilemmas of managers that insist that their top targeted talents aren’t for sale, should complications like release clauses and lucrative contracts get into the fray. If such a situation arises, the club will be unable to secure a replacement.

Whilst the decision wasn’t unanimous, it is reported that a majority of the Premier League clubs voted for the change.

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