Gerrard Names The Two Man United Players He Hated The Most

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There are few rivalries in football world that come close to the magnanimity of the rivalry that exists between Manchester United and Liverpool. While rivalries might escape the realms of times and trophies, the players of both these clubs, at the core of their hearts, embody in them the sense of animosity that prevails.

Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard recently stated that as a player for the Reds, he had absolute ‘hatred’ for two of United’s biggest players in Rio Ferdinand and Gary Neville.

Steven Gerrard scored six times against ManUnited in his long Liverpool career, and while he had some memorable wins against the Red Devils, his side rarely ever finished ahead of the Mancunian club in the Premier League.

Manchester United's Rio Ferdinand celebrates with team mates Patrice Evra (L) and Ryan Giggs (R).

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Reminiscing about the sheer hatred he had for Ferdinand and Neville, the former England international said (via Manchester Evening News): “When you’re lining up in the tunnel against Rio and Gary Neville, you want to do everything in your power to beat them, there’s hatred there, that’s exactly how it is.”

He further added that while the trio used to unite for the England side, there was no love lost between the three. Gerrard continued: “When you meet up for England at that time, you pretend you like them, but your career finishes, their career finishes and your friendship starts for real.”

The three England legends have now retired from their professional careers as footballers, and have paved their way in the world of punditry. And it seems that this move has helped in bringing the former Liverpool great close to his United counterparts.

“I’ve got nothing but respect for Rio as a player, he played for a top club all his life, he’s a good fella as well. I’m enjoying the role at BT with him as well,” said Liverpool’s beloved midfield maestro.


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  1. laminpeter.mendy on September 8, 2017 at 4:34 pm

    There is no friendship in the field of play I believe the Steve is right above all their time is over and now friendship continues.

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