Premier League Club Almost Signed Aubameyang And Isco

Real Madrid's Isco celebrates scoring their first goal with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Reuters / Sergio Perez

Over the last few seasons, Tottenham have been looking increasingly dangerous in the Premier League. Year by year, they’ve been inching into the top flight, fighting their way into the top four, and last season, they came quite close to securing the crown, but had to settle for the second spot following Chelsea’s remarkable antics.

However, reports have now arisen that the London side’s task could have been much easier had they chosen to sign a particular duo, which now dominates their respective Leagues.

Football expert Graham Hunter, on his podcast ‘The Big Inside View’ revealed that Tottenham could have signed Aubameyang and Isco during the Andres Villas-Boas era.

He went on to reveal that the Portuguese manager wasn’t sure that the duo would flourish under the English style of football, and hence opted not to make the signings.

Hunter stated (via the Sun): “Andre Villas-Boas was the coach, Aubameyang was offered to Spurs and the football structure at Spurs went ‘This is clearly a player that we want to have a look at, let’s meet him.’”

Borussia Dortmund's Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang celebrates scoring their second goal.

Reuters / Michael Dalder

However, the current Shanghai SIPG boss was allegedly indifferent to the offer, as Hunter added: “The agent took Aubameyang over to London and Andre Villas-Boas, according to Daniel Levy, wasn’t interested, wouldn’t meet them, didn’t see the point in wasting time on them.”

Moreover, a similar approach was taken towards Isco, who is now amongst Real Madrid’s star-studded lineup.

The expert reckoned: “Tim Sherwood has also told me about Villas-Boas’ attitude towards Isco. Villas-Boas knew who Isco was, knew where he was playing – Sherwood said ‘This is a must for Spurs. Right guy, right talent, right price, right age.’”

However, the ex-Chelsea manager wasn’t certain as to how well the Spaniard would function in the number 10 position, and quickly killed the talks.

Whilst Aubameyang flourishes in the Bundesliga, Isco appears to be on route to become one of the finest talents in world football. Though Villas-Boas was shown the exit from White Hart Lane in 2013, his grave mistakes might have made a huge impact on how the Premier League table would have looked like in the years to come.

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