FIFA 18 Rankings: Players Ranked Between 30-21 Unveiled

REUTERS/Michael Dalder

The highly anticipated FIFA 18 video game, which has been revealing the top 100 rated players ranked with their attributes in it, has now put out a new set of list.

EA Sports have laid out the countdown with the players ranked between 30-21, and some of the world’s best make the cut. The anticipation and the waiting will excite the fans, as the race for the best nears the clock. The list comes after the game manufacturers earlier revealed rankings of 40-31, 60-41, 80-61, and 100-81 respectively.

In the current list, the players’ attributes get serious, as the group includes the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Leonardo Bonucci. Juventus forward Paulo Dybala features here as well, after a string of consistent performances that saw his ratings take an upward trajectory.

The list has several players from Bayern Munich, as the German champions see their players regularly in every bracket. Here is a sneak peak of the player ratings in the bracket between the ranks of 30-21:

30 – Zlatan Ibrahimovic (88)

29 – Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (88)

28 – Hugo Lloris (88)

27 – Diego Godin (88)

26 – Mats Hummels (88)

25 – Thiago Silva (88)

24 – Arjen Robben (88)

23 – Leonardo Bonucci (88)

22 – Thiago Alcantara (88)

21 – Paulo Dybala (88)


Check detailed ratings of all players on official EA Sports website.


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