Everyone Is Going Crazy Over Cristiano Ronaldo’s Leaked FIFA 18 Card

Portugal's national soccer team player Cristiano Ronaldo attends a training session.

REUTERS/Rafael Marchante

Cristiano Ronaldo has been living the dream of every professional footballer in the previous year gone by. Euro 2016, Ballon D’Or 2016, Champions League 2016 and 2017, La Liga 2017, and many other titles currently have Ronaldo as the defending champion, and deservedly so.

The player has touched everything into gold in the past few months, and there seems to be no stopping him. If one doubts how the best can get even better, Ronaldo is out there proving it, and his FIFA 18 statistics signify just that.

Ronaldo is now the front cover for the game’s 2018 version, and that was enough hint to suggest that he might be the highest rated player in it. The Portuguese sensation’s game card was recently leaked online, and the stats showed an improvement from his previously incredible numbers in FIFA 17.

The attacker was rated 94 last year, which saw him overtake Messi (93) and Neymar (92). However, the glorious previous 12 months of his career, along with his winning mentality, has seen him take a further unassailable lead and touch great heights with an overall rating of 95 to his name.



The game is yet to reveal the top 10 ranked players so far, but the world now knows who the number 1 is, and nobody can argue with that.

It comes across as an unbelievable rating, but it will not surprising to see the Real Madrid superstar push for better numbers next season. The man is a beast and a proven champion, and even FIFA has to step away from Messi and finally agree.


Written by Vikram Gupta  

An attacker with his words, and defends each of them with pride. A love for the game which goes hand in hand with his will to forever write. A graduate in the course of advertising and a hopeful to be author. Herrera for the win.


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