Bayern Munich Urged To Sell Robert Lewandowski

Bayern Munich's Robert Lewandowski.

Reuters / Michael Dalder

While loyalty is certainly paramount to a player’s success in the game, it is often seen that teammates and club policies tend to hinder the path towards glory for certain big names. When such situations arise, the fallout is certainly bitter, and more often than not, culminates in the swift departure of such players, so as to not spread the dissent to the rest of the dressing room.

It now appears that a similar situation might await one of the big names of the Bundesliga. Over the past few months, situations have been increasingly tense between Robert Lewandowski and Bayern Munich, with the striker repeatedly voicing his displeasure with the club.

In an interview with Spiegel, Lewandowski had this to say about the German side’s transfer policy: “Bayern has to come up with something new and be creative if the club wants to keep luring world-class players to Munich. And if you want to keep up at the very highest level, you need these players’ quality.”

This can be interpreted as a clear frustration over the lack of creative ability in and around him, which saw the 29-year-old lose the Bundesliga’s top goal-scoring spot to Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang by just one goal.

However, it appears that his comments have not sat well with the club. This was confirmed by the remarks of club legend Stefan Effenberg, who stated: “On the one hand, he’s attacked the philosophy of the club, Uli Hoeness has already said several times that they will not spend totals by €100 million or €150 million. He also attacked his colleagues, who in his opinion apparently did not have the quality to win what he wants: the Champions League.”

In what appears to be a suggestion to sell the striker, he continued: “They have to separate themselves consistently from the foreign top players in the coming years, including Lewandowski. He could go to Paris, where such enormous sums are paid, or Barcelona. Then he has a club that does what he wants.”

Over the summer, several top European clubs showed an interest in signing him, so one just has to wait and see where the player heads next. His goal-scoring prowess is amongst the best in the world, so Munich ought to think twice before deciding to part ways.

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