Bundesliga Forward Speaks Of His Desire To Join A European Powerhouse

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It is simply undeniable that there are certain teams that footballers always dream of joining, working their way through lesser known sides in order to come under the radar of European giants. It now appears that another youngster from the Bundesliga is on his way to a similar route, naming the outfits he wishes to end up at.

In an interview with Sports Bild, RB Leipzig striker Timo Werner has expressed his desire to join any of the major European clubs including, the top flight clubs of the Premier League.

The 21-year-old revealed: “So far, I have progressed very well with Leipzig. That is why I do not think what is ahead in one, two or three years. Of course, I want to play at a big club. But, we have not yet come to terms with the development at Leipzig. Perhaps RB will be a big club too – I’m quite sure.”

Despite being penned on contract with the German side till 2020, the youngster has his sights on some top clubs.

He went on: “In Spain, there are a maximum of three clubs with Barca, Real, and Atletico Madrid. In England, there are a few more: Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, Liverpool, Manchester United and Manchester City. FC Bayern is also a big club, but for me, it is not a topic that I am concerned with.”

The German international, who has gained prominence owing to his goal-scoring abilities, wouldn’t shrug away from continuing at Leipzig either.

His club provided much-needed colour to the Bundesliga last season, when it sought to seize the league in a fashion similar to Leicester City’s memorable one. Werner played a key role in their top four finish, ensuring Champions League football this season.

He has already come under the radar of the likes of Real Madrid. However, he reckons that a five-year contract need not always last its term in the modern game. Regardless of what it takes, it will be certain that many of his interests too, will be eager to secure his services.

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