Napoli Midfielder Might Seek A Move, Hints Agent

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Napoli’s attacking midfielder Marek Hamšík was linked with several clubs this window, even though he ruled out moves away from the Italian side. However, in a recent interview, the 30-year-old has hinted otherwise.

“It would surely be the hardest decision in my career. Maybe everyone wants to play at these clubs, but I can’t answer that. I think that Napoli is one of the top 10 European teams in terms of game play and performance,” said the midfielder.

His comments were in reply to the increasing interest from Man Utd and Barcelona, after the player impressed the giants with his passing and attacking prowess. Furthermore, there have been reports of discomfort for the Slovakian international at Napoli, as discussed by his agent, Martin Petras.

In an interview with Radio CRC, Petras revealed: “He ended the last season with some physical problems. Now he is fine but he only plays 60 minutes. It’s the manager’s decision and we can only respect him but I think it’s better for a player to play an entire game.

“Leaving the pitch after one hour of play can be very sad. You never really rest this way. Sometimes is good to rest but then you have to play for 90 minutes in the following game.”

This has caused speculation which suggests Hamšík will leave the outfit for a bigger name. Since it is the style of manager Maurizio Sarri that the player seems to have issues with, Old Trafford will certainly seem like the better destination, under the mentorship of Jose Mourinho.

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