Liverpool Fans Plan To Fly A Protest Banner Against Jurgen Klopp

Liverpool manager Klopp looks dejected.

Reuters / Phil Noble

It is undeniable that fan response is crucial to why football is so enjoyable. An actively cheering stadium makes the buildup to the next goal all the more electric. Supporters also choose to show their displeasure, with collective boos becoming increasingly common, directed at players from both ends.

However, over the years, fans have become very creative with ways in which to showcase their frustration, often resulting in an airplane flying banners over the stadium.

It now appears that a small section of Liverpool fans seek to perform a similar antic. The banner in question would be directed against manager Jürgen Klopp, whose performances with the English side have been underwhelming.

The soon-to-be culprit of the act is a twitter account with the handle @KloppMustGo. The person behind it has made their intentions bright and clear, with the account’s bio reading: “Lifelong #LFC fan, season ticket holder. Our club is bigger than one man #KloppOUT”.

While the German manager has failed to secure silverware for the outfit, his performances haven’t been that bad. Over his two seasons at the helm, he has managed to give a slightly better face to the club, whilst also securing a Champions League spot for this season.

However, defeats in the finals of both the Europa League and the League Cup during his first term seem to have left wounds that still seem to sting.

The account went on to declare: “The #KloppOUT banner has been designed. At the Burnley game we will be taking donations for a plane to fly over Anfield next month.” The banner in question does paint quite an unfavorable picture for the boss.



While it is unlikely that the banner will fly high anytime soon, if Liverpool don’t improve their performances and elevate themselves in the Premier League, such groups of dissent might gain more followers. Their 2-2 draw against Sevilla on their opening match of the Champions League certainly doesn’t bode well.


Written by Naveen Kelvin  

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