Robert Lewandowski Orders Agent To Seal A Real Madrid Move

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While keeping the players happy at your club is paramount to any form of long-term success, often the call of big clubs in a better league can outdo everything. Add to that an ongoing feud, and you can almost be assured of the departure of a big name in the next transfer window.

This certainly seems to be the case for Bayern Munich, who might not be able to retain one of their star players. Robert Lewandowski is visibly upset with the Bavarian club, criticizing their transfer policies and the lack of talent around him, becoming very vocal about said problems over the weeks.

And now, AS believe that the world-class striker has expressly stated to this agents the desire to join Real Madrid. However, there is just one problem: Real Madrid have a reported policy of not signing any player above the age of 30. This might bear a profound impact on the hopes of the 29-year old, who is not considered to be a target by Los Blancos.

However, objectively speaking, the Bernabeu board might have to reconsider in this case, as Lewandowski is certainly no ordinary striker at the cusp of his career. His knack for scoring goals, coupled with an eager intent to rise above the occasion, makes him almost the textbook player for Real Madrid.

Furthermore, the player is adamant on making a move to the reigning UEFA Champions League victors, admitting to his inner circle that he would treat the club in a manner very different from his previous ones. Considering the fact that he has never kissed the club crest at either Borussia Dortmund or Munich, this is definitely a serious claim.

Moreover, with top Bayern board members confused about what to make of the ordeal, and club legend Stefan Effenberg rooting for the sale of the unhappy forward, a transfer seems imminent.

If Madrid were to make the signing, they will boast a lineup to be reckoned with. They already possess what is arguably the most lethal attacking front of any team in Europe, and the injection of Lewandowski would certainly make winning trebles a seemingly easy task.

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