Zlatan’s Agent Reveals When The Striker Will Return To Action

Reuters / Rebecca Naden

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has signed for Manchester United again, after being released a few months back. And now, the Red Devils’ fans are keen to watch their star striker of last season in action again at Old Trafford.

With a total of 22 goals across competitions, Zlatan was the top scorer for the Mancunian outfit last year. However, after getting injured in a Europa League match in April, the player was released in the summer, only to be signed again before the transfer window closed.

Zlatan’s agent, Mino Raiola, has recently been talking about the prospect of the decorated striker returning to action for Jose Mourinho’s team.

Speaking to Gazzetta Dello Sport, Raiola said: “It’s fine, everything goes on to the best. It’s about a possible return to the field in January, but we know that can not anticipate it. We just have to wait for it, for sure it is very good.”

The latest update from Raiola gives Manchester United fans a definitive timeline as to when they can expect to see their star player back in action.

Jose Mourinho will only be happy to welcome Zlatan as a new signing in January, as he would seek a rotation role from his favorite striker.

Raiola also addressed questions about Ibrahimovic returning to Italy in the future, as the super agent replied: “No, I’m honest. The line has not changed because we have decided to respect the initial project with Manchester United.”

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