Premier League Clubs Interested In Swooping For Huddersfield Players For Free

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Huddersfield have decided to close down their youth academy, and PL clubs look to benefit from signing their released players, reports the Daily Mail.

In the light of Huddersfield’s surprise call to terminate its youth academy, many Premier League clubs have to take advantage of the situation. Manchester United, Everton, Manchester City and Liverpool have all moved swiftly to discover if there are any good prospects to sign for free from the pool of the released players.

Huddersfield confirmed on Friday that they will be closing down the academy to invest the money somewhere else.

The newly promoted Premier League club will save £500,000 by scrapping the youth academy – an action they feel is beneficial, as they haven’t had many players to come out of the academy in 19 years. Huddersfield will only keep the under-18 and under-23 squads in their set-up.

Meanwhile, Manchester United have invited 15 of Huddersfield under 16 player for trials . The Red Devils are exploring potential free signings from the released group of players. Among these 15 players, Rocco Fragapane and Raj Mahmood are two who have been been called up by England under-16 international set-up.

If any other club signs any of the released players, they will not need to spend a single penny. Normally, there is a compensation offered when signing youth players, but in case of Huddersfield, it won’t be needed as they are closing their academy.

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