Premier League Giants Enter Race To Sign Bundesliga Midfielder

Schalke's Leon Goretzka celebrates scoring their first goal.

Reuters / Wolfgang Rattay

Talent rarely goes unnoticed, especially in a game like football, where many aging stars are swiftly being looked at being replaced by flourishing young talent. However, sometimes, too many big names wish to grab certain individuals, resulting in quite a platter of options for the player.

A similar case seems to be blooming for one Bundesliga starlet. The player in question is Schalke’s talented midfielder Leon Goretzka, who even in the summer window, was subject to much speculation over a move elsewhere.

And now, Sports Bild reports that Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, as well as Chelsea have all expressed a desire to sign the player. This adds to an already impressive list of Barcelona and Bayern Munich, with whom the 22-year-old was linked with over the summer.

One of the biggest cause for such massive interest is the fact that the player has just one year left on his contract. This opens an opportunity for the clubs to potentially even sign him for free should he drag the term to its end.

However, after several reports over the summer that the German would go to Bayern Munich, the player himself was forced to intervene.

As quoted by ESPN, he revealed: “Honestly, it is really getting on my nerves, I can see why it interests people but I can only repeat once again, there’s nothing new to report with Munich. I have clearly denied there is an agreement in place — with any club. I can promise you this is the case.”

This brings into question how the added interests of the Premier League clubs will affect his eventual decision. It is undeniable that the English top flight possesses more challenge and fame than the other European sides.

However, his current club too is eager to retain the talented midfielder, having reportedly lined up a contract worth €10m-per-season for a period of five years. When January comes, Goretzka will undoubtedly have a major decision at hand, what with all his pursuers providing potentially attractive destinations both financially and strategically.

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