WATCH: What Happens When You Try To Sign Ronaldo For Barcelona In FIFA 18

FIFA 18 is set to take over fans on 29th September, when it releases globally. 

With the release date approaching fast, FIFA 18 has the internet buzzing with selected YouTubers showcasing what’s new on the game this year. A few YouTubers, who have received an early access to the game, have been experimenting a lot – as did the guy named MGH, who tried and succeeded in signing Ronaldo and Messi.

YouTuber RBT has tried to do something even more outrageous, however, by attempting to sign Cristiano Ronaldo at Barcelona from their fiercest rivals Real Madrid. It’s safe to say that this transfer would never go through in real world, but FIFA 18 can help you do the unthinkable.

As shown in the video, RBT approaches Real Madrid boss Zinedine Zidane to propose a swap deal involving Barcelona winger Deulofeu. The Spanish attacker is valued at a modest £27.5m, when compared to Ronaldo’s value of £84m.

Sensibly, Zidane asks for a cash plus player deal to make it work, as he demands a colossal sum of £141.85m along with Deulofeu.

RBT returns back with a counter offer of £120m plus player, which is accepted by Zidane and Real Madrid. Now that Barcelona have an agreement with Real Madrid, they call Ronaldo and his agent to discuss the contract details.

The 32-year-old superstar surprisingly takes a pay cut of £40,000-a-week, and agrees to a salary of £460,000-a-week. Ronaldo’s agent demands a release clause of £237.8m to be put in his contract, which is also agreed to.

Additional clauses in the contract mean that Barcelona are made to pay a signing on bonus of £6.8m and a payment of £10.3m after the player completes 20 matches with the club. With these numbers, Ronaldo’s agent closes the deal to make the Real Madrid legend a brand new Barcelona star.

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Written by Shorya Panwar  

Has 20+ years of experience managing Schalke in Football Manager 2017. Believes wing-backs are the most complete footballers in the modern/evolved football. Writes weird stuff on his personal blog.


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