4 Months Or 4 Weeks? Manchester United Receive Big Surgery Update On Pogba

Paul Pogba receives medical attention after sustaining an injury

Reuters/Jason Cairnduff

Paul Pogba began the current season in terrific form, and it was a key factor behind Manchester United kicking things off in style. However, the Frenchman hit a tough wall when he had to limp out of his side’s Champions League clash against Basel last week.

It was later confirmed that the star midfielder had suffered a hamstring injury, and all in favour of the Red Devils feared the worst. Jose Mourinho did mention that his talisman would be out for a few weeks, but the exact duration of his absence remained a mystery.

While many feared that the United star would be needing surgery to recover fully, reports coming in from Finnish medical outfit HS (via the Sun) has confirmed otherwise. The surgeon who operated Ousmane Dembele’s ruptured tendon, Dr.Orava, has suggested that the player could end up being fit without having to go under the knife.

Orava stated: “His injury is a little different to Dembele because he can heal without surgery. This kind of problem is usually a sum of many coincidences and is affected by muscle fatigue as well as rapid stopping and quick turning, with the brain going quicker than the feet. A decision will be taken next week.”

Meanwhile, Manchester United seem to be doing just fine without their most expensive player, and when asked about Paul Pogba’s return in a recent interview, manager Jose Mourinho replied: “When he comes back, welcome, but until then, I trust my people.”

The battle for this season’s Premier League title does seem to be one taking place in the city of Manchester, and a quick return for Pogba might just tilt things towards the red half of it.

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