Sky Sports Pundit Gary Neville Controversially Claims Luis Suarez Is A United Player

Michael Carrick All-Stars' Jamie Carragher in action with Manchester United '08 XI's Gary Neville.

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Certain kinds of hatred go deep within the memories of supporters, with stadiums refusing to forget powerful events. Sometimes, however, incidents are forgotten and tables get turned.

Prior to him being signed by Manchester United, Angel Di Maria’s last encounter at Old Trafford saw the player get booed off the pitch, as he was a part of the team that ensured United lost the match due to a controversial sending off, and were knocked out of the UEFA Champions League.

Fast forward a few seasons ,and the Red army was jubilant in welcoming their then club record signing. However, it is unlikely that something similar would occur for a player who Gary Neville believes to be of Manchester United’s type.

In an interview with Stretty News TV, Neville remarked: “Suarez, even though he played for Liverpool, is a United player. It’s arrogance to say that, but he’s fantastic. He scores goals and he’s aggressive.”

However, the prolific striker isn’t exactly the most popular man in Manchester United, and the reason for this lies in more than the fact that Suarez played for the side’s bitter rivals Liverpool.

Barcelona’s Lionel Messi celebrates scoring their first goal.

REUTERS/Albert Gea

Back in 2011, the Uruguayan was involved in a controversial brawl with ex-United defender Patrice Evra, that saw the former being served an eight-match ban and a £40,000 fine. It’s certainly been a long time since that fateful encounter, but that hardly means that the striker has gained back the favor of the Mancunian giants.

But Neville’s remarks are not ill-founded either. It is undeniable that the 30-year-old is amongst the best in the world in the position, and despite playing alongside Lionel Messi, he has managed to carve an impressive run of goals with the current Barcelona side.

All in all, it will be utterly unfathomable that Manchester United would be the ones to bring Suarez back to the Premier League, and the entire thing can be put aside as another one of Gary Neville’s remarkable fancies.

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