Mourinho Took The Bold Decision Of Selling Kevin De Bruyne Because Of His Attitude

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Bad decisions have a way of coming back and getting at you much later in life, and in twisted ways. Such seems to be the case for Jose Mourinho, whose side, despite proving to be daunting this season, still sits second in the Premier League to bitter rivals Man City.

The two clubs have claimed the same number of points, but the Blues better their neighbors by one goal leading to a superior goal difference, and the goal in question was scored by none other than a player that Mourinho rejected much earlier in his career.

Kevin De Bruyne found the sole goal in City’s electric encounter against Chelsea last week, a fixture that was highly anticipated owing to its potential to drastically change the look atop the table. The goal was in surplus of several outstanding performances delivered by the 26-year-old midfielder.

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However, back during his days at Chelsea under Jose Mourinho, the youngster was unable to impress the Portuguese boss, leading to a very vocal frustration on the part of the Belgian, and culminating in his departure to Wolfsburg, where he emerged excellent in all areas.

Now, the Independent have revealed the reason why De Bruyne was so abruptly cast aside by Mourinho, and it is quite simple: He didn’t fit into the kind and style of players that the manager required. It appears that the attitude possessed by him was not passionate enough for the big man’s liking either.

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What further tainted the player was Mourinho’s insistence that he simply wasn’t ready enough for regular first team Premier League football. Mourinho had then insisted: “With De Bruyne, if you have a player knocking on your door and crying every day he wants to leave, you have to make a decision. He was not ready to compete. He was an upset kid, his training very bad.”

De Bruyne echoed this frustration earlier this week as well, when he stated: “When you have already played many years of first-team football, it is hard to then be told you have to wait for a chance to show what you can do.”

He further argued his case by adding: “Okay, I was a young player, but I was experienced and felt I deserved a chance to show what I could do at Chelsea. Maybe they just didn’t think I was good enough. That’s their decision.”

In retrospect, the casting away does seem like a poor judgment on the part of Mourinho, as De Bruyne is now definitely amongst the top-notch players in European football, and might even prove to be the slight edge of talent that makes Man City the side more potent for victory in the long run.

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