Chelsea Sensation Stuns Club With Frustrating Instagram Message

Chelsea's Charly Musonda celebrates scoring their third goal.

Reuters/Paul Childs

Despite the kind of attention and reward that youth players have been receiving in recent times, it isn’t always the case for all of them. This appears to be the plight of Chelsea youngster Charly Musonda, who has been kept away from first-team football, despite being hailed amongst the best talents of the emerging era.

The 20-year-old seemingly went on to voice his frustration on Instagram, where he posted the following cryptic message, accompanied by a black image:

“You sacrifice, you work hard, harder, you give more than what’s expected, and often more than you can, because you love what you do and clearly more than you should. And what do you get back? Literally nothing,… done. However, with this being said I will continue with same dedication and commitment to this great game.”

This has been interpreted by supporters as a dig at Chelsea’s notoriously hard youth system, which has, in the past, seen even talented individuals like Romelu Lukaku seek an exit after being kept from first-team football for far too long.

His brother Lamisha, who also had a brief stint with the London club, seemed to confirm this in a comment which has been since deleted. It read: “It’s starting to look like they wouldn’t know what they have if they had Ronaldo or Messi coming of the academy. Smh.”

Fans too, had their own reactions to this, with some even thinking the reaction to be a foreshadowing of a possible exit from the club in January.

The 20-year-old appears to be a fine player with superior ability, with Belgian journalist Kristof Terreur praising him by saying: “He’s Belgium’s best talent ever. Purely if you look at his technical skills.”

One would think Chelsea have learned their lesson already, as the club’s youth academy, which is regarded amongst the best in the world, regularly loses out its academy products, who go on to become stars at other clubs. Will Musonda follow suit as well?

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Written by Naveen Kelvin  

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