Gary Neville Reveals The Worst Thing Liverpool Fans Ever Said To Him

Michael Carrick All-Stars' Jamie Carragher in action with Manchester United '08 XI's Gary Neville.

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Gary Neville has revealed the fear Liverpool fans caused him, when asked about the abuses he faced at Anfield.

United face a crucial away trip to Merseyside in the Premier League on Saturday, a game of such importance often brings back numerous memories over the years.

The legendary footballer went on to play his entire club career at Old Trafford, and enjoyed a successful spell, winning a host of trophies under Sir Alex Ferguson.

Liverpool fans are considered to be the most passionate and loud in English football, and visiting teams often face the wrath on the sidelines at Anfield. Neville donned the right-back position under Fergie during his hay days, and the former England player told Soccer AM about the abuses he received from the Reds’ fans during away trips.

“You got huge abuse,” the defender admitted, before going on to add that it was a tensed situation mentally when a player took throw-ins over the far side.

“You took those throw-ins over that far side and you always get that feeling. There is going to be a punch on the back of head here. They can reach me. It’s going to come one day.’ Either that or a lot of beer or something else…”



The television pundit also went on to state that there were lots of abuses with swear words in it that he had to face.

Both clubs enjoyed defining moments of domination in England, winning 19 and 20 league titles respectively in the past, and they share a huge rivalry over generations. Come Saturday, Anfield is set to witness a fierce battle, and fans will be all out against the Old Trafford unit, as the hosts look to stop Jose Mourinho’s men from salvaging pride and three points.

United lie joint atop in the Premier League table, while Liverpool haven’t yet managed to get a string of notable performances. But this is a mega battle where most times, form hardly matters, as both clubs will be wanting to get the maximum out of a noisy Anfield.

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