Louis Van Gaal Reveals The One Problem With Jose Mourinho

Louis van Gaal (R) greets Jose Mourinho.

REUTERS/Phil Noble

Louis van Gaal has hit out at Jose Mourinho, claiming that the Portuguese boss ‘lets himself go out of control too often’.

The Dutchman was present at Anfield as part of his role for Dutch TV, and watched on as United put up one of the worst performances ever in a game that was nowhere near the box-office spectacle everyone was expecting.

Just before the game begun, van Gaal got a chance to shake hands with his successor in the tunnel. Since the Dutchman got sacked, albeit under circumstances he claims were fishy and out of order, there hasn’t been any reported public interaction between the two.

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Mourinho has often criticized his predecessor in the most subtle way possible during press-conferences, repeatedly stating that the team given to him was not in the right state of mind, and the players were drilled into playing negative football when he arrived.

For his part, van Gaal has not hit back at the 54-year-old up till now, and still maintains that Mourinho is a decent guy, but he willingly gets out of hand too often.

Van Gaal said: “In principle, he is not a bad guy. He can be sympathetic and he was this way when he was my assistant in the past. But he lets himself go out of control too often.”


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