Here’s What Mourinho Has Told The Club Owners About Ed Woodward

Manchester United co owner Avram Glazer and executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward before the match.

Reuters / Phil Noble

The unexpected amount of speculation that has sprung up around the future of Jose Mourinho amidst talks of a move to PSG came to an end in a press conference ahead of their UEFA Champions League clash with Benfica.

During the meet, the Manchester United boss dismissed all claims about a move to the Ligue 1 club, but at the same time, he refused to comment on whether he would sign a new contract with the club. Now, the most recent development disproves a factor that has been widely cited for a potential exit.

As per Manchester Evening News, Mourinho has reassured the management and owners of the Premier League club that his relations with Ed Woodward are perfectly fine, in what is believed to have been a private incident.

The pacifying in questions is a result of speculation earlier in the week indicating that the prized manager was growing increasingly frustrated with Woodward’s involvement. The claims cite the latter’s lack of funding to be the reason for the alleged fallout.

However, all of those seem to have been rubbished by the Special One, which leaves really no reason why he would wish to move away. It is interesting to note that comments made by him praising PSG in a TV interview were what started the whole thing in the first place.

During Tuesday’s conference, he did maintain rather strongly that Manchester United wouldn’t be his last managerial job, and that long stints were a thing of the past.

Of course, fans will be eagerly hoping that all of this is just a coy tactic being employed to urge the club to the negotiation table and secure a new lucrative contract. However, with his term coming to an end next season, could this be an indication of something after all?


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