Not Pereira – Manchester United Eager To Bring In Valencia Midfielder Early On

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Manchester United are reportedly eager to make the signing of Valencia U-21 midfielder Carlos Soler even before the summer window opens up, and talks regarding the transfer have already commenced between the two clubs.

The move would be an echo of their activity from earlier this summer, when they pursued and succeeded in acquiring Victor Lindelof, Romelu Lukaku, and Nemanja Matic in July itself. However, as per Daily Mail, they might seek to sign the Spaniard even earlier.

Soler has been under Mourinho’s radar from last season itself, which was also the 20-year-old’s breakout year with Valencia. The midfielder is reckoned to be potentially one of the best in the area, and his talent was on full show against Real Madrid, where he found the net in the 2-2 draw earlier this season.

However, the Red Devils might face a hitch in their plans in the form of the player’s £75 million buy-out clause, which is much higher than United’s intended offer of £30 million. Jose Mourinho and company will be eagerly hoping that the Spanish side will meet them midway for the deal.

If signed, the youngster could be a direct solution to several problems in the Mancunian midfield, primarily being the replacement of Michael Carrick, who is poised to retire at the end of this season.

Further, with Ander Herrera finding it increasingly difficult to achieve regular first-team football, Soler will appear to be a potentially more rewarding option. The same applies to Fellaini, who might be a strong physical presence, but at 29, is certainly a lesser prospect that the youngster.

According to Mourinho, a well-deployed trio of Matic, Pogba, and Soler could make United an even more reckoned force in the Premier League, as the midfield combination is bound to be effective.

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