Revealed: Three Outrageous Privileges That Neymar Enjoys At PSG, Other Players Are Unhappy

Neymar and Edinson Cavani during training.

REUTERS/Benoit Tessier

Neymar Jr being the main man at PSG is something that goes without saying. If not for the brilliant manner in which he has taken control of their forward plays, the enormous price tag attached to him alone would make the preferential treatment understandable.

The €222 million transfer fee was an unprecedented one, and sent ripples throughout the footballing world, hiking up the transfers of several other players as a result.

At PSG too, the Brazilian has brought a visible difference, and not all of them are being enjoyed by his teammates. 11 appearances, 10 goals, 7 assists, several fights with Cavani, and one red card later, his demands certainly demand a closer look.

As per Le Parisien, the unhappy nature of the other players stems from a particular treat that the 25-year-old enjoys. Two personal physiotherapists have been assigned to him, and no other player can benefit from their services. While Zlatan Ibrahimovic too, received a similar treatment, in this case, other members of the Parisian outfit too could make use of the professionals.

Further, according to the Sun, Neymar’s teammates are not allowed to tackle the forward strongly during training. Apart from the seemingly obvious reason that this is being done to protect the huge investment, there is apparently another.

REUTERS/Jean-Paul Pelissier

Before the departure from Spain, a squabble had occurred between Neymar and Nelson Semedo in training. Incidentally, the controversial event was one of the factors that supposedly ensured his move the completion of his move to France.

The same source has also revealed that Neymar will be the taker of all penalties at the club from next season. This brings into question the future of Edinson Cavani – the current spot-kick taker. Visibly embarrassing fights between the two over who should be the one to stand over the penalties seems to be the cause here.

Apart from being outrageous, this treatment is also downright absurd. It seems that money trumps over talent in such events, which has rarely been the case in football, particularly when one thinks that managers elsewhere put in an extra effort to ensure that no dressing room awkwardness occurs due to pay grades.


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