The Reason Why Marouane Fellaini Is Suing New Balance

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While the game of football relies heavily on talent, the importance of adequate equipment cannot be ignored. In addition to providing players with comfortable playing boots, companies often ensure that their stars endorse their products too, which rakes in money for both parties.

However, it would appear that one player, in particular, is not happy, and has seemingly taken action against the parent company over the quality of their boots. Since the name in question is high profile, it might lead to a bit of a pickle for the owners.

Marouane Fellaini has reportedly sued sportswear manufacturer New Balance for a whopping £2.1 million. The Belgian international has claimed that the boots caused him a “loss of enjoyment, inconvenience, and impact on performance.”

The player had signed a four-year endorsement deal with the company back in 2012 when he still played for Everton. The suit in question demands compensation due to the £600,000-a-year contract that they enjoyed. Fellaini added that the boots caused “considerable damage” to his feet.

Further, the legal writ has been submitted to London’s high court. The 29-year-old added that the boots had to be “steamed and stretched” in order for them to fit his feet.

In response, New Balance has vowed to “vigorously defend itself”. According to a statement provided to ESPN, the company regards: “Although we cannot comment on pending litigation, New Balance can confirm that the company plans to vigorously defend itself and its longstanding record of manufacturing excellence and surpassing the needs of athletes around the world.”

It added: “New Balance is confident that it has acted appropriately and is grateful for the services historically provided by Mr. Fellaini.”

They also maintained that the midfielder had previously claimed the boots to be “perfect,” and had even demanded 12 extra pairs. Currently, Fellaini plays with Nike boots.


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