Revealed: The Absurd Reason Why Ronaldo Is Furious With His Real Madrid Teammate

Cristiano Ronaldo walks off dejected after being sent off.

REUTERS/Sergio Perez

Outbursts of emotions have always been something that Cristiano Ronaldo is notorious for. Needless to say, he is not in the brightest of moods these days, having netted only one goal in twelve appearances in the La Liga so far, and it is already November.

To add insult to injury, Real Madrid trail eight points behind Barcelona in what many experts already believe is a title lost. Despite that, the side was able to secure a 3-0 victory against Las Palmas on Sunday. But due to an incident during the encounter, the Portuguese wasn’t happy with his fellow teammate Isco.

The third goal was netted by Isco, but wouldn’t have existed if not for Ronaldo’s superb cross into the box from the right wing. However, as per El Transistor, what Isco didn’t do following the goal has left Ronaldo angry. The Spaniard didn’t head to the creator of his goal immediately, and cameras were quick to pan to the face of a visibly cross Portuguese.

However, the frustration can be understood. In that fixture itself, he was denied a goal on several occasions. A drought is not something players handle well, and when you are as high profile of a player as Ronaldo, it is bound to take its toll.

Ronaldo’s disapproval of Isco was seconded by ESPN’s Dermot Corrigan. In his next tweet, he revealed another astonishing detail. It appears that Ronaldo has put up a bet with two of his teammates that this season too, he can secure La Liga’s top-scorer title of Pichichi.

To do that, he will have to beat Barcelona talisman Lionel Messi, who is currently 11 goals ahead. Even for a player of Ronaldo’s caliber, that seems like a tall order, and Messi’s prolific knack of scoring doesn’t help either.

At the moment, even defenders who managed to find the back of the net equal or better the one goal that Ronaldo has managed in the league. All in all, he must start to make better efforts and not waste time getting furious with players who can potentially help him net those trailing goals.


Written by Naveen Kelvin  

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