Another Key Player Injured, Mourinho Furious With His National Team

Jose Mourinho reacts.

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Phil Jones hobbled off just after 24 minutes of England’s friendly clash with Germany, and reportedly returned to Manchester United’s Carrington training facility soonafter for treatment.

Nonetheless, it appears that the English international would not be deemed fit by Saturday, ergo his presence for the fixture against Newcastle is sceptical, reports the Mirror. However, what’s intriguing is Jose Mourinho’s reaction to the England management’s treatment of the player.

The Portuguese tactician is reportedly fuming over the situation, as he considers himself ‘naive’ as opposed to his Premier League rivals, who were attentive enough to withdraw the team members from their international duty this month.

The ex-Chelsea coach reckons that the 25-year-old should not have been included in the England squad owing to the niggle he experienced in his thigh. The tactician stated: “I don’t think it is possible for a player with a problem to play in a friendly. Of course, Phil Jones had a problem.

“He was having a problem for three weeks, he’s having problems that are stopping him to play for his club and then he plays for his club in extreme conditions because it’s a big match against Chelsea. And then he goes to the national team and he comes home with an ongoing injury that everyone knows is an ongoing injury.”

Phil Jones looks dejected after sustaining an injury.

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Mourinho was hesitant to interrupt the centre-back from taking on his international duty, while Tottenham and Man City withdrew Harry Kane, Harry Winks, Dele Alli, Raheem Sterling, and Fabian Delph respectively.

The United gaffer further continued: “You have always some clubs where their players, they have always have something. It could be a fingernail, he has little flu, he has a problem with the little toe, and they withdraw, and they stay with their clubs and they have their holidays and they have their rest.

“Then, there are always the clubs where the managers are naive (holding up his hand to say ‘me’), too pure and they say you have to go and they go and sometimes they pay the price and they pay the price.

“I want to see this next weekend if the players that were not going to the national team, I want to see if they are going to play. Drinkwater? Delph? The only one that is not playing is Phil Jones.”

Despite the satisfactory managerial form portrayed by the Portuguese to aid the Old Trafford outfit to rest in the second position on the table, he had a rough start to the season albeit in terms of the fitness of the players at his disposal. And the injury woes are tending to loom over, with the hectic part of the season yet to come in December.

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