WATCH: Neymar’s Priceless Reaction When Young Mascot Asked Him Why He Joined PSG

Neymar poses at red carpet.

REUTERS/Paulo Whitaker

Let’s face it; Neymar’s move to PSG hasn’t exactly had the brightest impact on his reputation. Despite scoring and performing quite phenomenally with the French side, the young Brazilian hasn’t failed to court controversy.

Apart from disagreeing with the Barcelona management and forcing through the world record move, the 25-year-old also locked horns at his new club, arguing with Edinson Cavani over spot-kick duty, and generally not maintaining a good rapport with his teammates. In fact, members of the outfit are reportedly annoyed with the preferential treatment that he receives.

In the midst of all this negative news, the ex-Barcelona star did something that sat on the nicer side of things during Brazil’s recent match against England.

During the tunnel gathering moments before the match began, Neymar was seen chatting with the young mascots. The footage showed the star nicely discussing and entertaining questions from the kids.

One of them asked him the reason behind moving to the Qatari-backed club, and his reply was priceless.

“To make the French league the best,” answered the superstar.

Having scored 11 times in 12 appearances, he certainly seems true to the statement, and alongside Kylian Mbappe, he has surely put the club in a position of great challenge for the UEFA Champions League title.

But as far as domestic value goes, be it in terms of entertainment or sheer star power, the Ligue 1 certainly, and rather immensely lags behind when compared with the other leagues. Being even more one-sided than the La Liga and desperately lacking the excitement of the Premier League, it will take several years before Neymar’s answer sees even a semblance of reality.

Regardless, the moment was quite honest on the player’s part, and one does feel like cutting him some slack for his other less favorable actions.


Written by Naveen Kelvin  

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