Here’s What Neymar Told Rashford In The Tunnel Prior To International Friendly

Brazil's Neymar celebrates his goal.

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Arsenal legend Martin Keown once said that the results of most games would be decided in the tunnel just before walking out onto the pitch; that’s how intense the atmosphere used to be back in his time.

However, seems like what once used to a mental battle between the two squads has now been reduced to small-talk about the weather.

And that’s precisely what went on between Marcus Rashford and Paris Saint-Germain superstar Neymar Jr.

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The pair faced each other in a pre-World Cup friendly this week, which ended in a lacklustre stalemate. The much awaited fixture ended goalless, with the Lions hardly posing any threat.

But unlike the heated tie, the players received each other with warm hearts and casual conversations, like Neymar and Rashford, who engaged themselves in light-hearted exchange about the harsh weather of Europe.

As a South American, it is understandable that the former Barcelona man finds the cold conditions hard to cope with, and wasn’t shy about letting the United forward know.

The conversation went on somewhat like this [via Metro]:

Neymar: ‘[Are you] good?’

Rashford: ‘Yeah.’

Rashford: ‘How long have you been here? How long [before] you’re leaving?’

Neymar: ‘Tomorrow…’

Rashford: ‘You go?’

Neymar: ‘Yeah.’

Rashford: ‘It’s cold!’

Neymar: ‘Today is…’

Rashford: ‘It’s not so bad today. Usually it’s…’

Neymar: ‘I don’t like the cold.’

Rashford [laughs]: ‘It’s not for you, eh?’

Neymar [laughs]: ‘No, it’s so cold!’


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