Jose Mourinho Could Break An Incredible Sir Alex Ferguson Record Today

Alex Ferguson (R) and Jose Mourinho watch the Champions League soccer match at Santiago Bernabeu stadium.

REUTERS/Juan Medina

A manager’s ability is measured by victories, as simple as that. The best display of this was given by Sir Alex Ferguson, whose long tenure at Man United outlined an era where the Red Devils were a team to be feared.

Now managed by Jose Mourinho, they are looking to regain that stature, and looked similar to their glory days at the start of the season. However, injuries have cut their form short, and they still seek a renewed run of brilliant games.

Despite all that, on Saturday, Mourinho could better one record of the illustrious manager.

Old Trafford has always been a cathedral of the great game, and the Theatre of Dreams is a location that managers have long dreaded taking their teams to. Jose Mourinho has upheld this tradition, and will now look to put his own stamp on it.

Should United manage to avoid defeat against Newcastle on Saturday, Mourinho will be 38 games undefeated at Old Trafford. This would set a new precedent to SAF’s record of 37 games, and one that the Portuguese boss will relish immensely.

His days with the Premier League giants have largely spelled good things, bringing them European silverware last season, even if it was just the Europa League. Fans, in particular, are highly supportive of the Special One and merrily sing of him bringing back United to their normal playing ways.

The two managers differ in style, with Mourinho’s defensive and often cautious approach not matching Ferguson’s attacking brand of football that throws the kitchen sink in the dying moments of the match.

Regardless, both managers gave the Old Trafford faithful long runs of victory, and Mourinho will be looking to take his even higher, just as he did at Stamford Bridge.


Written by Naveen Kelvin  

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