Fans Think Mesut Ozil To Manchester United Is Confirmed After Watching This

Arsenal's Mesut Ozil before the match.

REUTERS/Dylan Martinez

Paul Pogba featured in Adidas’ latest advertisement, as part of the Frenchman’s new Predator boots, which he will wear for the first time during his team’s UEFA Champions League clash against Basel.

The short advertisement was a well-made one, and had some interesting moments to it, featuring Pogba’s antics of dabbing and attitude, and it paid homage to Zinedine Zidane too.

But seconds before the clip faded to black, an appearance was made, and it has sent Twitter into a frenzy.

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Mesut Ozil was the man to feature in the dying moments, and if you think about it, he seemed out of place. The clip was outright about Pogba, his boots, and Manchester United, whose jerseys featured for a short while.

This had led many to believe that it could mean just one thing.


Ozil’s potential move to Manchester United has been making the rounds for quite some time. The German maestro is in his last year of contract with Arsenal, and at Old Trafford, he could reunite with Jose Mourinho, with whom he shared a fond bond during their time at Real Madrid.

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But apart from the boss, the 29-year-old could be Agent P’s next recruit, who has already played a part in bringing Romelu Lukaku to the Premier League giants. This is also at the back of a cryptic Antoine Griezmann tweet from a few days ago which had a snippet of the Arsenal star.

So is Adidas aware of something that we are not? Or is it just clever foreshadowing on part of the sportswear giants? All in all, it is highly likely that the ploy is an ingenious leap by the company to make their ad stand out, and if that was their intention, it has worked magically.

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