‘Small Club’ Paris Saint-Germain Troll Eric Cantona

A Crystal Palace fan (C) shouts at Manchester United's French striker Eric Cantona.

If there’s one man in footballing history who will go down as a master of both playing style and spewing clever bile, it will be Eric Cantona.

The Manchester United legend has always been known for his swift smart retorts and firm personality, which translated his arrogance into the very thing he will be renowned for.

The King was in action yet again during a small talk with Youtube channel FullTimeDevils, where he made a snide quip regarding PSG, a side he isn’t exactly a big fan of.

Speaking about the future of Javier Pastore, the Frenchman declared with a laugh:  “He plays for Argentina, a great country, but he doesn’t play in Paris, a small club. But they have a lot of money, so they’re a big club.”

Pastore has gained just four Ligue 1 starts to his name so far this season, and the comment was one that seemed apt save for the ‘small club’ part, which seemed to be classic Cantona grade banter.

But PSG didn’t let it slide, and their reply was in equal measures savage, as they used Cantona’s own words to deliver their blow.


The tweet is a blast from the past of a famous Cantona quote which was in the aftermath of the player being sentenced to an extended period of community services for kung-fu kicking a Crystal Palace fan. He then let out the retort signaling that the media were the seagulls that were hoping to milk the situation.

Now it appears that PSG are the ones that is calling the shots and declaring Cantona to be the seagull that is seeking attention from the trawler that is the Qatari-backed club.

In that regard, they certainly aren’t wrong, as Cantona is not one to remain quiet, and fans will be assured that another well-worded reply is already en route to kick PSG.


Written by Naveen Kelvin  

A writer trying to craft the poetry within football. Purpose in life is to Make Good Art.


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