Arsenal Legend Describes United Star As A ‘Pussycat’, Urges Mourinho To Drop Him

Romelu Lukaku and Ashley Young clash with Tottenham's Dele Alli.

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Romelu Lukaku has always been a magnet for criticism. Despite being a player who has consistently found the back of the net in the Premier League, his ability to function more as a clinical finisher than a confident playmaker is what has led several critics to be cross with him.

However, until last week’s goal in the 4-1 thumping of Newcastle United, the Belgian was suffering from a dry spell that saw the season’s 12th goal come quite late. Against Brighton on Saturday, the same blank shots in front of goals were fired.

This has led one Arsenal legend to give a strong piece of advice on how to bring the 24-year-old back to his good old scoring days.

Writing in the Daily Mail, Arsenal legend and English defender Martin Keown reckons: “If Jose Mourinho wants to get Romelu Lukaku firing again, he needs his £75m striker to reach boiling point. I am not talking about a petulant reaction to a penalty-box wrestle with an opponent, but rather his performance.”

Now that Ibrahimović has returned from injury, many fans thought the purpose and pressure of being the sole scorer of goals to have been lifted off Lukaku’s shoulders, but that has not yet proven to be the case, with the Swede still looking for this season’s opening goal.

Keown touched on this too, saying: “Give him some space so that he comes back an angry man, with some fight and determination. I have described Lukaku as a pussycat, whereas Manchester United wants a lion on display, and we all know which animal Zlatan Ibrahimović likes to compare himself to.”

When the Red Devils square up against Watford on Tuesday, it’s a tactic that Mourinho can certainly afford to employ, as Ibrahimović seems like he is ready for a full match. However, should Lukaku be yet again given the start, then a goal or two is simply a must.


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