Fans Are Not Happy With The Decision FA Took On Lukaku Ban Over Alleged Kick At Brighton Player

Manchester United's Romelu Lukaku celebrates scoring their second goal.

Reuters/Jason Cairnduff

Discipline is a vital cog that keeps the great game going, which is why it is no surprise that strict action is taken against offenders.

The more serious cases, of course, are the ones of racial abuse or physical harm, both of which big names likes Terry and Suarez have been found guilty of in the past.

A similar case seemed to be in the making during Saturday’s 1-0 victory of Manchester United over Brighton, as striker Romelu Lukaku came under the undue limelight for allegedly kicking defender Gaetan Bong.

However, the Football Association won’t be taking any action on the Belgian for the alleged incident. The same reportedly happened in a manner that match referee Neil Swarbrick was unable to view, which led to much uproar.

Since then, the Association referred the case to three ex-Premier League referees for an independent review on Monday. In order for the 24-year-old to come under disciplinary action, each of the three should have given a decision believing the action was worthy of a sending off.

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Fortunately for Lukaku, that didn’t appear to be the case, and he was let off with a clean chit. Premier League fans are not happy with the decision, as a guilty verdict would have led to a three-game domestic ban, with the highly anticipated derby against Manchester City most prominent on the list.



Having scored 12 goals in all competitions since making his move from Everton, the big man has been one of the most successful signings of the summer.

His impeccable form did meet a long drought of goals till their match against Newcastle, and saw another goalless ninety minutes in front of Brighton. He may have escaped punishment now, but if goals don’t start flowing in plenty again, a bigger problem might be at hand.


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