Ferdinand’s Classy Response On Who’s Better: Paul Scholes, Frank Lampard, Or Steven Gerrard?

Former Manchester United player Rio Ferdinand.

Reuters / Jason Cairnduff

Undoubtedly, the trio of Paul Scholes, Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard is a household name not only among the football fanatics in England, but evidently a majority of the world that recognized their calibre, as they expressed their inestimable worth through exquisite plays prior to retirement.

Furthermore, Sir Alex and Jose Mourinho both craved for securing Gerrard’s services, although to no avail, which kind of sums up the potential of the trio when operated on the same side.

However, this does leave us with the question as to who was the best among them. And Rio Ferdinand has expressed his thoughts on the query.

The defender played with Scholes during his 12-year tenure at Old Trafford, while he shared the field from time to time with Lampard and Gerrard during his international career.

After the trio were asked to settle the argument concerning who was the better out of them once and for all, Rio came up with an optimum response during a chat with BT Sport.

Frank Lampard is presented to fans at half time.

Reuters / Peter Nicholls

BT Sport's Steven Gerrard ahead of training.

Reuters / Carl Recine

Reuters / Jason Cairnduff

“All of them would have said themselves.”, Ferdinand proclaimed. “And that’s what top players do. They back themselves in these situations and each of them would have had an argument to suggest themselves.”

Ferdinand also disclosed that England shouldn’t have played Scholes on the left flanks, and put forward that the national team should have played a diamond formation, coalescing Scholes, Gerrard and Lampard.

Gerrard frankly answered: “I’m going to say me, aren’t I?” which was accompanied with a laugh from Frank, who then stated “I’m not going to say not me now, am I?”

Meanwhile, Jake Humphrey considered Paul Scholes as the best:

Regardless, each one of them contributed to their clubs like none could even dream of. The legends remain in the heart of each and every supporters irrespective of the club they root for.


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