Pogba Who? What Luke Shaw Is Doing In Training Should Stun Jose Mourinho

Luke Shaw prepares to take a throw as manager Jose Mourinho looks on.

Reuters / Phil Noble

Luke Shaw’s United future seems to be in heavy doubt. Jose Mourinho has all but expelled him from the squad, and the only reason the club has activated an extension year in his contract is to get a potential benefit from their initial investment via transfer fees.

Despite that, the young English defender has notched up an achievement that will surprise many, and might even make Jose Mourinho reconsider his decision to offload the 22-year-old.

As per a report in The Sun, Shaw is the fittest player at the Old Trafford outfit at present, alongside Antonio Valencia, according to regular testing at the Carrington training base.

A reliable source stated: “Luke and Antonio are the best when it comes to actual endurance and stamina. Zlatan Ibrahimović and Paul Pogba might be the strongest in terms of their obvious size and physicality, but Luke rates much higher in terms of overall fitness.”

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This will be interesting news to Jose Mourinho, who in the past has been very vocal about Shaw being out of shape and not giving in enough for the team.

In fact, in April, the Portuguese manager remarked: “I cannot compare the way he trains (with other players), the way he commits, the focus or the ambition. He is a long way behind.”

Now, seeing that the former Southampton prodigy betters the likes of Paul Pogba, who many consider to be United’s finest player, in terms of overall core fitness is something to be considered heavily.

Perhaps the hours and efforts he puts into the gym could still churn out a good spot for him in Mourinho’s books. Regardless, he potentially has just one year to make his case to the management, and try and carve out his spot again.


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