Liverpool Fan Attempts To Troll Pogba, Before Joke Horribly Backfires

Paul Pogba looks dejected.

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To troll, or not to troll, that is the question. It is common knowledge that social media can be a very unforgiving platform if you offend the wrong people, and that’s why it would be wise to think twice or maybe a gazillion times before you post something unless you’re absolutely certain there is no possible way of receiving a negative response.

Manchester United had just beaten Watford 4-2 in a game full of twists and turns, coupled with some absolutely magical moments thanks to Ashley Young and Jesse Lingard. With games against Arsenal and Manchester City next on the fixture list, the game against the Hornets was a must win for the Red Devils.

United were 3-0 up in 32 minutes of the first half, despite being the poorer of the two teams in the opening exchanges. But Young turned the game on its head with his first goal in two years in the Premier League, and five minutes later, he scored a free-kick that even had Mourinho’s jaw hitting the floor in astonishment.

Seven minutes later, Martial scored the third to complete the absolute shattering of Marco Silva’s men and their confidence levels. Or so we thought. Jose Mourinho’s men looked set to run away with the game, and might as well have done had it not been for Romelu Lukaku’s plethora of misses.

Eventually, Watford grew into the game and threatened to pull of a Sevilla when they brought the scores to 3-2. Lingard then proceeded to turn into the English Messi, and ran past the entirety of the men in yellow before coolly slotting home the goal that sealed the game.

Every game has its moments that make fans chuckle – Renato Sanches recently passed to a Carabao billboard, mistaking the colors on the logo of the bull for the shirt of a team-mate – and the game at Vicarage Road was nothing special either.

Midway through the first-half, Paul Pogba took a throw in with some conviction, as if he had worked out the events that would follow in his head in a matter of seconds. It’s safe to say though, that none of what he’d expected happened.

The Frenchman picked up the ball and threw it past the defender hoping Lukaku or Lingard would make a run and then cross it into the box. Neither did so, and the ball ended up bouncing straight out of play for a goal-kick.

Twitter was all over Young and Lingard for their contributions, so Pogba’s moment of idiocy was all but forgotten. Not to one Liverpool fan though, who attempted to bring up the moment on the United player’s twitter post post-match.

Easily around half of United’s 659 million fans around the world use twitter, and this chap thought it would be a good idea to try and troll their star player on his own post, the same week after his own team collapsed against Sevilla in the Champions League, surrendering a 3-0 and ending the game with just a point.

Needless to say, he got flooded with replies from United’s own trollers and got absolutely destroyed. Here are some of the best of them:



Written by Reyhan Ashley  

Manchester United fan, Wayne Rooney is his role model. Passionate writer who has written for several sites in the past. He’s also an aspiring pianist and creates background music for BlameFootball’s Youtube channel.


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