CRAZY! Antonio Conte Accuses The Premier League Of Conspiring Against Chelsea

Chelsea manager Antonio Conte.

REUTERS/Dylan Martinez

Let’s face it; Chelsea’s title defense in the Premier League isn’t going all too well.

Despite sitting third in the Premier League table, they aren’t looking like they will catch up to first-placed Man City, and their own spot appears to be precarious owing to the performances of Arsenal and Tottenham in recent weeks.

This can be attributed to a host of reasons, chief among them being the goal scoring brilliance of the Manchester clubs and a strong sense of sloppiness within Conte’s own style of play so far. However, the manager has his own absurd reason for Chelsea’s struggles.

After winning 1-0 against Swansea City on Wednesday, Conte furiously complained over the rest time between games.

He stated: “I’m not stupid. If someone wants to joke with me I’m not the right person to joke with. I must be honest, it happened again. Newcastle played on Tuesday night, we played on Wednesday night and now we have to play again on Saturday at 1230.

“It can happen once. Against Watford, we should have played on Monday and then they changed it to Saturday at 12.30 after we played on Wednesday.”

He then hinted at a conspiracy, stating: “Twice it can happen. Against Man City. The third time, you start to be perplexed. And now against Newcastle. I don’t want advantages for my team. I want the same rest as our opponents.

“It’s very difficult to do this? I don’t think so. I think now there is a strange coincidence. I want to protect my club, I want to try to protect my players, I want to try to protect my fans, also I want to try to protect the Premier League.”

However, a closer inspection would reveal that Man City, Man Utd and Arsenal too, are in a similar position. In fact, amongst all the clubs to have a hectic schedule in the coming month, it is Arsenal and not Chelsea that are worst off and have the least time to rest in between.

Is this perhaps an attempt to hide the fact that there are glaring errors in his side this season that they simply lucked out at for the trophy last year?


Written by Naveen Kelvin  

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