BLUNDER: Paul Pogba Is Getting Lots Of Hate For His Man City Comments

Reuters/Jason Cairnduff

As a professional footballer, there aren’t many things a player can say or do without gaining attention. But after Paul Pogba’s latest statement, fans may start losing respect for him.

The United star is well aware of the 8-point gap between his side and local rivals Manchester City, and he is naturally keen on closing it up and catching up to the Sky Blues.

However, instead of wanting to perform better, the Frenchman has rather bizarrely wished that some of the Cityzens’ players would get injured ahead of the Manchester Derby.

“I hope – and it’s bad to say things like this – but I hope they will get some very important players injured like what happened with us,” the former Juventus star told BBC’s Football Focus.

“People don’t see this, don’t speak about this, but every time we have important players that get injured when there is important games. So if that starts happening with them as well maybe we’ll get a little difference. A little touch that makes them weaker.”

Though this is probably something every manager or player would secretly ‘hope’ for, saying it in public has put Pogba in a very sensitive position.

On the other hand, considering the unstoppable way Pep Guardiola’s side have been performing this season, the French international’s concerns are understandable, yet unjustifiable.


Written by Ashish Sreejith 

Have had two addictions in life- playing football and watching football. Usually described as introverted but not when it comes to speaking and writing about the beautiful game of football.


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