Today’s Clash Between Arsenal And United Is Set To Make Premier League History

Reuters / Jason Cairnduff

Manchester United will be travelling to Arsenal for tonight’s high profile Premier League fixture, and reports suggest that the encounter is set to create “history”.

The two colossal Premier League giants have been fiercely battling it out in England’s top flight for almost a century. The rivalry that was instigated in early 1990s has seen some of the most electrifying match-ups between the two clubs.

But the highly anticipated game is set to create history tonight, as it was claimed by analysts Vysyble that the contest featuring England’s two top clubs would be the “first ever billion pound game” to take place in the Premier League.

The estimated combined turnover of both the heavyweights is calculated to be around £1.05 billion, with Gunners having posted revenues worth £424 million in 2016-17, while the Old Trafford outfit earned a record £581 million.

The statement issued by Vysyble’s Roger Bell stated: “This is a remarkable achievement for the Premier League in terms of reflecting the success in driving revenues via lucrative TV rights deals.”

Though Bell also made a fact clear that such enormous sums of money were not an indication of any profits made by the clubs, considering the massive player wages and transfer fees, which a club bears during the course of doing business.

Furthermore, he believes that the Premier League sides are in fact finding it difficult to generate profit.

“This is part of a longer-term trend whereby clubs in general are finding it very difficult, despite their record revenue levels, to generate value and achieve an economic profit, which is where all the costs of doing business are accounted for, including taxes,” he added.


Written by Sidharth Jindal  

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