WATCH: What Sanchez Said To Ander Herrera When United Played Arsenal

Alexis Sanchez looks dejected.

Reuters / John Sibley

Despite their club’s embarrassing defeat to Manchester United last weekend, Arsenal fans have found one moment from the match to have a cheeky go at the Red Devils.

Former Barcelona man Alexis Sanchez suffered a rather average outing on Saturday, thereby becoming the centre of criticism among the Gooners.

The Arsenal faithful have speculated that Sanchez’s currently form and attitude on the pitch are the reflection of his clear dejection towards the club.


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Nevertheless, neutral fans and Arsenal supporters alike have come together to share chuckles about how brutally the Chilean mocked Ander Herrera during their heated argument over Danny Welbeck’s penalty appeals.

Watch it here:

The Arsenal talisman seems to have asked the United midfielder “Who the f*** are you?” whilst having a glance over the back of his shirt. The interaction seems to imply that the Chilean, being one of the best wingers in England, looks down on the Spaniard

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Many Spanish speakers have since confirmed that Alexis did ask Herrera the same thing, but in Spanish. But despite agreeing upon the question asked, they fail to give authenticity to the words that were spoken.

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Here are some cheeky reactions on this incident from Twitter:


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