Cristiano Ronaldo’s Brilliant Reply To Real Madrid Fan Who Called Him “S***”

Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo looks dejected.

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Real Madrid are struggling heavily so far this season, there’s simply no denying that. Placed fourth in the La Liga table, it seems only a miracle would ensure that the Galacticos will be anywhere near their arch-rivals in an attempt to get the crown.

A player who has been part of this slump is Cristiano Ronaldo, whose domestic goal tally has been severely embarrassing. Despite that, the Portuguese reckons that fans shouldn’t be too critical of their side, and must not forget their phenomenal success from just a few months ago.

Speaking to France Football (via Goal), the Ballon d’Or winner strongly remarked about what annoys him: “To not feel supported by the club or by the supporters. Guys with memories that are too short.”

The Euro 2016 winner then went on to narrate: “The other day, at the airport, there was a guy five meters from us filming us with his phone. I was with Dani Carvajal and Sergio Ramos. He had a go at us: ‘Hey, you have to wake up, you were s*** there.’

“I told him: ‘It was only three months ago that we won the European Super Cup and the Spanish Supercopa.’”

The reply was arguably a fitting one, as Real Madrid fans, in particular, seem the most vocal about their displeasure, and this has been evident in the past too, when Los Blancos were subjected to boos from their own side of the stadium.

Ronaldo continued: “I’ve got a problem with that. This type of amnesia, it really bothers me. Football comes in cycles. When you’re not so good, these guys have to help us, the fans and the club.”

Concluding about the issue, he reminded supporters of some important facts: “We’ve won four Champions League in four years, like it was easy to do something like that. Real Madrid had gone 12 years before they won la Decima.

“Sometimes things just go less well. The post keeps the ball out, the goalkeeper pushes away a shot. I just ask that these guys give us their confidence.”

While their form is by no means one that doesn’t deserve criticism, a constructive demeanor must be taken up rather than resorting to outright insults.


Written by Naveen Kelvin  

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