Toni Kroos Weighs In On Who’s The Best Among Scholes, Lampard, And Gerrard

Toni Kroos in action.

REUTERS/Javier Barbancho

Real Madrid star Toni Kroos has expressed his thoughts on a long-standing discussion, concerning who of Paul Scholes, Frank Lampard, and Steven Gerrard was the best midfielder.

Scholes, Lampard, and Gerrard were three of the most exceptional Premier League midfielders that the football fans have ever witnessed. Each of them had their own set of skills to be admired, and they never ceased to display consistent sensational form on the pitch.

Scholes was widely considered the finest by the Mancunian supporters, owing to his incredible technique and ability to pick his passes. Furthermore, another remarkable aspect of the United legend worth pointing out is his peerless eye for goal.

On the other hand, Lampard, being the all-time Chelsea top scorer, is the best as per the supporters of the Blues. The talisman has scored on 211 occasions for the Londoners, and is also the highest-scoring midfielder in the history of the Premier League with 177 goals, which makes him a worthy contender.

Gerrard, being an all-time favourite figure of Liverpool fans, has superior skills off the ball when compared to either of his contenders. If it wasn’t for his lack of Premier League titles, the instrumental player would’ve easily been the prestigious title owner.

With the argument being perpetual amongst the football fanatics owing to bias and conflict over the most significant attributes a midfielder must possess, Kroos has named the player he thinks is worthy of being crowned “the best”.

The question was put to him by a fan during a Twitter Q&A, and the versatile German, who is deemed one of the best at the moment, was evidently in no doubt concerning the response.

Regardless of anyone’s opinion, it’s hard to pin down the soundest footballer, especially when each of them has contributed immeasurably for their clubs. Irrespective of the number of titles each of them holds, phenomenal figures akin to them always linger deep down in the heart of football fans.


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