Why Mourinho Has Been BANNED From Serving Christmas Lunch To His Players

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Customs are a cherished part of life at Manchester United, and the old club has several of those. With the festive season teeming on the horizon, several such traditions are upheld quite jovially.

The nicer one amongst these is the traditional Christmas lunch, in which it is the manager that serves food to his players and the staff.

This is a deed that has been enjoyed nicely by Sir Alex Ferguson and Louis Van Gaal, but Jose Mourinho will face an unexpected roadblock between him and the food awaiting the plates of his lads.

As per The Sun, Mourinho has been expressly banned from serving the roast potatoes and brussels sprouts. While the Portuguese is the highest authority in terms of the game at the club, the order comes from Chef Mike Donnelly.

The reason he gave, according to one Old Trafford source, is as follows: “The United Christmas lunch used to be one of the highlights of the year, with the players enjoying being served by the people who usually bark the orders at them.

“But this year the head chef has taken matters into his own hands and told the manager and his team that they won’t be serving the food. The problem is when the management does it, they pile the plates high and loads of food ends up wasted in the bin.”

The end results are even worse when one factors in the enormity of the meal, as the source added: “When you’re cooking for 200-odd people, that’s a lot of time, effort, and money going straight into the bin.”

Surely Mourinho will understand the reasoning behind the decision and not throw a fit about it. The traditional meal is all set to occur come Friday, and needless to say, the entire table will be filled with smiling faces and plates piled just right.


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