How Man City Continue To Prove Sir Alex Ferguson Right

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Sir Alex Ferguson was simply and undoubtedly a footballing genius, as he single-handedly redefined English football whilst also making Manchester United the most successful club in the land.

Not only was the Scot responsible for knocking Liverpool off their perch, but he also time and again showed ‘the noisy neighbours’ Manchester City their place, and kept reinforcing the Red Devils’ dominance in Manchester.

He saw things on the football pitch that only a handful on the planet were capable of, but as it turns out, the assumptions and predictions he made off it have been incredibly accurate as well.


Among several witty and controversial quotes made by SAF over the years, the one wherein he publicly portrayed his own version of a description of the Citizens back in 2009 continues to stand out.

Speaking of their inter-city rivals back then, Ferguson had stated: “It’s City isn’t it? They are a small club with a small mentality. All they can talk about is Manchester United; they can’t get away from it.”

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However, who in the world would have thought that this statement of his would be valid 8 years later? It certainly happens to be the case.

Pep Guardiola’s men currently sit atop the Premier League table with a whopping 11-point lead, having recently beaten Jose Mourinho’s Red Devils 2-1 at Old Trafford in a thrilling derby.

The encounter ended in controversial circumstances, as the reports that emerged post full-time hinted at a dressing room brawl between the two teams, which led to several bruised egos as well as eyebrows.

However, a week later, following City’s 4-1 demolition of Tottenham, a video emerged on social media, wherein the Manchester City players were yet again heard singing a disrespectful chant that poked fun at Mourinho and his defensive tactics.

While this act could be seen as pure banter, it does bring to mind how the Sky Blues simply cannot take their minds off Manchester United, and continue to repeatedly display their obsession with the record 20-time English champions.

While the Etihad outfit continues to play impressive football and maintain an unbeaten league run, history has proven that the Premier League is far from won in the month of December.

Therefore, it would obviously do City a world of good if they keep track of their own campaign instead of getting distracted and focusing on their second-placed Red counterparts.


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