Explained: What’s Wrong With The Carabao Cup

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Leicester had prepared a huge scare for Pep Guardiola this week, as City came very close to a quarter-final disqualification from the Carabao Cup.

But apart from the extreme competitive football and last minute gasps, the game raised a lot of eyebrows regarding the squad selection from both sides.

Both clubs went for a subtle approach towards the tie, which led them to hit a stalemate that was settled through a penalty shootout that went City’s way after Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez failed to find the net.

Consequently, former Foxes’ star Gary Lineker took to Twitter to express his concerns over his former club’s, and many other teams’ attitude towards the competition.

Read the tweet here:

The BT Sport host brilliantly pointed how Leicester, like many clubs, hardly take the League Cup seriously.

Though the constant sponsorship deals have certainly tuned down whatever glory the cup once held, Lineker has worded his statement perfectly to imply that a trophy is a trophy.


Written by Ashish Sreejith  

Have had two addictions in life- playing football and watching football. Usually described as introverted but not when it comes to speaking and writing about the beautiful game of football.


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