Revealed: Jose Mourinho Did Something Very Classy After Bristol City Loss

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho.

Reuters/Tony O’Brien

Manchester United received quite a blow when the home fans enveloped the pitch with absolute joy, as Bristol City secured a place in the Carabao Cup semi-finals, eliminating the away side in the process.

The second league club seized the victory despite facing an overwhelming side that had Paul Pogba, Anthony Martial, Marcus Rashford, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and many more. And it wasn’t a mere fluke like Mourinho addressed posterior to the final whistle.

The Special One had proclaimed: “They were a bit lucky but they fought a lot to be lucky. Everyone was waiting for our goal so they were lucky.

“We hit the post twice. But they played brilliantly, they fought like it was the game of their lives which probably it was. A beautiful day for football.”

The United gaffer was reportedly in no mood to endure the media as he spoke to just one journalist and left.

Although criticised for the swift exit, Bristol defender Horður Bjorgvin Magnusson has now unveiled that the 54-year-old actually went into their dressing room.

The centre-back revealed (via “This [the atmosphere] is something I’ve never witnessed before. After the game, Mourinho came to our dressing room, praised us for the performance, congratulated us and wished us good luck in the tournament.

“I think the things he said in the interviews after the game were more a reflection of him in his role as a manager, not as a person.”

Even though the past circumstances imply that the instrumental coach must be fuming over defeats akin to these, the ex-Chelsea boss genuinely maintained his class as a true manager this time around.


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