What ‘Rude’ Jose Mourinho Did After Bristol City Defeat

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Wednesday night is one that Jose Mourinho will be eager to forget.

A strong, creative, and simply breathtaking Bristol City proved to be better than Premier League giants and current Carabao Cup defenders Man United, as the scoreline ended a defiant 2-1 advantage to the Championship side.

It would certainly appear that Mourinho was sour after the defeat, and getting knocked out of the competition and making the below gesture seems another indication of just the same.

Prior to the match, City manager Lee Johnson had revealed that he had brought in Mourinho’s favorite wine from Portugal in a bid to have a sit down with the manager and enjoy the Christmas spirit after the encounter.

Johnson had revealed: “We have done the due diligence and realized Jose likes this particular bottle that has to be poured by an expert. So hopefully he’ll come in and have a little chat with me and I’ll try to pick his brain for five or 10 minutes.

“He’s absolutely at the top of his game, with world-class managerial qualities. Any young coaches like myself of course naturally try and emulate coaches like that.”

Only, it would appear that Mourinho was in no mood to share a glass of wine, and is believed to have left the stadium after a hurried press conference.

Johnson later claimed: “The wine is breathing at the moment. To be honest, they shot off. I had a go at my goalie coach, I saw him having a glass.”

It might be a bit of a let-down for the Robins’ boss, who seemed to have been looking forward to the encounter, but little did he know that he would be the victorious manager.

So it would appear that the £450 Barca Velha Red 2004 was simply not to be enjoyed by Mourinho under the circumstances.

With Bristol having drawn Man City in the semi-final, it will be interesting to see if any of the wine is left by the time the finals roll out, and what the manager’s mood might be as he takes in its final sip.


Written by Naveen Kelvin  

A writer trying to craft the poetry within football. Purpose in life is to Make Good Art.


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