United Fans Have Noticed One Annoying Problem With Marcus Rashford

Manchester United's Marcus Rashford.

Reuters / Carl Recine

The 2-1 defeat to Bristol City on Wednesday night saw United bow out of the Carabao Cup, which they were the winners of last season, in embarrassing fashion.

While the Championship side was in absolutely terrific form throughout the match, it was the redundancy of a usually talented United team that had supporters surprised and furious in equal measures.

Pogba, Ibrahimovic, Martial, Lindelof, and Rashford were all deployed in the encounter, with Lukaku making a cameo as a substitute. And yet, the impressive and expensive lineup couldn’t make a dent into Bristol City, and fans have now taken it all out on one player in particular.

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Marcus Rashford was brutally branded as selfish after the defeat, with Twitter being swarmed with criticism for the player, especially for his shortcomings in the final minutes of the game.

His failure to successfully pass the ball onto Lukaku is what irked supporters the most, as the single runs attempted by him all ended in futility.

Further, as one tweet pointed out, this is a behavior that has been going on for quite a while, and despite the youngster having registered 9 goals and 5 remarkable assists this season, the action isn’t one to be happy about.




While an attempt to copy Ronaldo is another thing that seems to be on the cards, one does feel that unnecessary brunt is being thrown at the 20-year-old lad.

At his age, it seems almost common to make such mistakes, as the hunger to outperform owing to the fear of being benched acts as the primary motivator.

As of such, this behavior is best forgiven, and knowing the kind of work ethic the Englishman has reportedly shown, we can be more or less assured that he will learn from his errors and emerge as a superior Red Devil.


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