Fans Are Furious At What Herrera Allegedly Did Against Leicester

Eden Hazard is fouled by Ander Herrera resulting in a booking for Herrera.

Reuters/John Sibley

Manchester United will be sore about their 2-2 draw with Leicester for quite a while.

The Red Devils looked all set to take home three points after Juan Mata was able to cancel out Jamie Vardy’s early strike with two well-placed goals. However, that was simply not to be, as Harry Maguire scored in the last minute to the relief of the King Power Stadium.

In the minutes leading up to the equalizer, Chris Smalling picked up a groin injury and was in visible discomfort, and it was his inability to perfectly mark the goalscorer that led to the unfortunate incident.

However, all of it could have been avoided if one player had cooperated, and his alleged refusal to do so has fans fuming.

Ander Herrera was Jose Mourinho’s final substitute, and was brought on in place of Jesse Lingard with the hope of seeing the match through.

But when Smalling started showing signs of discomfort, Phil Jones decided to reshuffle the defense for the dying moments of the game, and as per Gary Neville, what Herrera did was astonishing.

Tweeting about it, the United legend revealed: “Ander Herrera refused to go to right-back and told Henrikh Mkhitaryan to go back there. You can’t believe the disorganization and lack of leadership shown by Manchester United at the end of that game in a game they should have won.”

Needless to say, fans weren’t the least bit happy with the incident, and decided to storm to twitter to blame the Spaniard.



Many even felt that the decision warranted a transfer away from the club in January, which regardless of the enormity of his refusal, does seem to be a tad bit too much.

Instead, the antic was a sad reminder that Herrera this season has been a mere shadow of the player that secured the Matt Busby Player of the Year award in the previous campaign.


Written by Naveen Kelvin  

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  1. Roy keanes elbow on December 25, 2017 at 5:42 pm

    I know herrera was a big favoufite last year but all i see is him diving, squealing like a girl if anyone touches him, bottling 50/50 tackles and has given us nothing going forward this season. We need a real leader and winner on the pitch and it aint him!

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