What Ibrahimovic Said When A Reporter Asked Him If He’s Too Arrogant

Reuters / Carl Recine

You cannot play with fire and expect to not get burnt. In the same way, you cannot jump into a hungry lion’s den and not expect to get gobbled up right down to the bone. When you talk to Zlatan Ibrahimovic, you’re pretty much walking into that kind of territory.

That is exactly where former Leeds United midfielder turned journalist Olivier Dacourt found himself during an interview with the enigmatic Swede in an interview for Canal+. 

Ibrahimovic was responding to questions about why the Swedish media is so hard on him despite all his achievements for the country, and his answers were as brutal and as honest as they get.

The former PSG striker slammed the media in his hometown for ‘attacking’ him despite the fact that he has won 11 ‘Sweden Player Of The Year’ gongs over the course of his stellar career.

The superstar further claimed that they continue to show a lack of respect towards him because “they cannot accept that I am Ibrahimovic”.

When Dacourt tried to turn the tables and suggest that maybe all the criticism directed his way was due to his ‘arrogance’, the 37-year-old hit back with a brilliant response, ever so typical of him.

He simply said: “That doesn’t matter. I’m the best there is. Either you are proud or you are not.”


Written by Reyhan Ashley  

Manchester United fan, Wayne Rooney is his role model. Passionate writer who has written for several sites in the past. He’s also an aspiring pianist and creates background music for BlameFootball’s Youtube channel.


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